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  • Enterprise News

    Recently, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation sponsored by SendKing actively responded to the Joint Initiative of Chinese Foundation Industry on Responses to Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control, pledging to work together with counterparts in solidarity to fulfill the social responsibilities of the foundation industry with practical actions, in a bid to jointly promote social governance and the development of the public welfare industry.


    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation has responded rapidly and by fully plays its advantages to mobilize social resources. The Foundation immediately cooperated with its partner, SendKing, on seeking resource channels worldwide for masks and other medical supplies. Through donations of money and medical materials as well as other means, the Foundation passionately engaged in supporting epidemic prevention and control. Established in 2014 with the funds from Pan Jibiao, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation adheres to the tenet of “Gratitude and Great love to the Society”. For years, the Foundation has always been participating in charity, with continuous contributions made in earthquake relief, flood relief, post-disaster reconstruction, poverty alleviation, student aid, etc. It has actively assumed the responsibilities of a corporate citizen and brought hope to countless people in need. In the face of the menacing COVID-19, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation acted with a strong sense of duty and actively made anti-epidemic donations. According to statistics, during the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation donated RMB1.4 million of special anti-epidemic funds to the society and about 100,000 pieces of medical protective materials. These donations worth over RMB4 million were used to provide all emergency assistance needed in epidemic prevention and control.

    In the future, Hunan Province Big Love Charity Foundation will work with other counterparts responding to the Initiative to carefully carry out various prevention and control measures. The Foundation will play its strength to provide anti-epidemic assistance for the public. Meanwhile, the Foundation will strengthen the communication, mutual assistance and cooperation within the foundation industry to respond to the epidemic with firm confidence.

    The full text of the Initiative goes as follows:

    Joint Initiative

    of Chinese Foundation Industry on Responses to Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control


    In the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese foundation industry, an important component of public charity, acted rapidly to fulfill responsibilities, making positive contributions to the temporary success of the domestic epidemic prevention and control. In the meantime, under the impact of the epidemic, the foundation industry faces increasing environmental uncertainties and development challenges. To implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, to deeply understand the new major changes in epidemic prevention and control and economic situations at home and abroad, to effectively respond to the negative impacts of the epidemic, and to play the important role of social organizations in promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capabilities, we, as a responsible member of Chinese foundation industry, propose as follows: First, staying true to our original aspirations and improving our internal capacities. We should clarify our own positioning and mission, build our internal capacities, and finely integrate the vision, capabilities, resources, new technologies, and advanced experience at home and abroad to work professionally and efficiently. Second, implementing the Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China and its supporting regulations. We should perform legal obligations, fight for legitimate rights and interests, and improve the capability to do charity by law. Third, highlighting risk management and preparing response plans. For the potential negative impacts from the epidemic, we should make full preparations to enhance our emergency response capabilities and reduce the risks affecting organizations’ sustainable development. Fourth, becoming considerate partners. We should hear the requests of partners and timely respond to the new demands under the regular epidemic prevention and control. We should increase project flexibility under the premise of legal compliance to build good partnership. Fifth, strengthening communication and coordination with government departments. We should participate in industry survey, respond to industry demands, promote the issuance of more policies to support the development of social organizations and enhance their development confidence. Six, strengthening interaction with the public and the media. We should make good use of donations in an open and transparent manner, to win the trust and support from donors, to increase the public’s understanding of public charity, and to enhance the credibility of the foundation industry. We hope that more foundations can respond to the proposals above and act together to build a better society with practical deeds.


    We will update the latest complete list in real time on the website

    Please scan the QR code below to view the list.


    Act for the Future!

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