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  • Honor

    • 2018

       Mar. SendKing was granted with the title of “Leading Honest Organization” at the March 15th Honesty Summit & Award Party of Chinese Honest Entrepreneurs, which was themed “Honest China and Happy Hunan”.

    • 2017

       Feb.        SendKing was honored as “Excellent Vice Chairman Organization” at the second session of the third Membership Representative Conference of Hunan Charity Federation.

       Nov.     SendKing established the “Talent Training Base of University-Enterprise Cooperation” and “Internship and Employment Base” with Hunan Women’s University.

    • 2015

      May       SendKing was granted with the title of “Non-Profit Partner of Hunan Student Aid & Warmth Project” by the United Front Work Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Hunan Department of Education, and Hunan Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Office.

      Dec.   SendKing was honored as "Most Charitable Donating Enterprise" at the third Membership Representative Conference & third “Hunan Charity Awards Ceremony" of Hunan Charity Federation.SendKing was honored as "Most Charitable Donating Enterprise” at the third Membership Representative Conference & third “Hunan Charity Awards Ceremony" of Hunan Charity Federation.

    • 2014

      Dec.   SendKing was listed into "Top 10 Investment and Financing Innovation Institutions" and rated as "Outstanding Contribution Organization of Hunan (Changsha) Investment and Financing Expo" at the 2014 Hunan (Changsha) Investment and Financing Expo.

      May     SendKing was rated as "Contract-Honoring and Promise-Keeping Organization in 2013" by Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce on the document co-issued with its portal website ("Red Shield")

    • 2013

      Dec.   SendKing was granted with the "Special Contribution Award in Post-disaster Reconstruction of Shuangpai County, Hunan Province in 2013" by the People’s Government of Shuangpai County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province.

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