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  • 集團介紹

    Enterprise introduction

    Shanda Jinxi, originated in 1998, has developed into a comprehensive financial service platform with equity investment as the core.

    Taking "thinking for China" as the mission and responsibility of lifelong struggle, the company is committed to the innovation of financial services, and continues to pay attention to and incubate the high growth, stable and high-quality industries such as real estate, driving test, environmental protection, big health, new agriculture, new energy and new infrastructure in contemporary China. At the same time, relying on the huge domestic offline service agencies, Shanda Jinxi carries out on-site management to realize the risk control of the whole business chain before, during and after the investment, so as to protect the investment safety of customers.

    In 2019, Mr. Pan Jibiao, chairman of Shanda Jinxi, successfully acquired the Hong Kong listed company "standard resources holdings" and renamed it "Jinxi international". In the future, Shanda Jinxi will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "honesty and pragmatism, outstanding innovation, and giving back to the society", and strive to become a more professional and influential financial service brand in the global financial field.

    Financial services

    Currently, SendKing gains rich experience in many capital service sectors like equity investment, wealth management, and financial consulting and continuously follows and incubates the rapidly growing industries such as new energy, new technology, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, infrastructural construction, real estate, modern agriculture, and cultural education. By connecting the high-quality global assets, SendKing provides enterprises with equity investment, capital operation, M&A, and other capital services throughout the life cycle and offers clients the professional selection, asset allocation and portfolio management among various domestic and overseas investment products.

    In 2019, SendKing carried out cooperation in the major global financial markets and accelerated its international layout, thus bringing unlimited space and opportunities for enterprise development. Meanwhile, the Company set up a complete set of risk management system, conducted on-site due diligence management through numerous offline service institutions, and realized the full-business-chain risk management and control covering the pre-investment, investment, and post-investment stages.
    Since its founding, SendKing has gradually grown into a comprehensive capital service platform with outstanding capabilities on all fronts including concepts, teams, products, technology, services, and risk control. With adherence to the business philosophy of “Serve the world and return society with honesty, pragmatism, excellence, and innovation”, the Company aims to become a more professional and influential capital operation service brand in the global financial sector.

    Comprehensive financial service platform

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