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  • Social Responsibilities


    Since its establishment, SendKing has kept zeal for philanthropy. In 2013, guided by President Pan Jibiao, SendKing set up the Philanthropy Department and began preparing for the establishment of Hunan Great Love Philanthropic Foundation. In 2014, with the approval by Hunan Department of Civil Affairs, Mr. Pan formally set up this Philanthropic Foundation and appointed Ms. Li Dan as Chairman and Director General of the Foundation, showing his dedication to the development of philanthropic course.


    Mr. Pan once said, “It’s easy to be a business man, but it is no mean feat to be an excellent entrepreneur. Apart from benefit, an entrepreneur should pursue more and have gratitude to society to shoulder more social responsibilities.”

    For this reason, SendKing is devoted to philanthropy with constant gratitude to society, hoping to help more people in need. Inspired by Mr. Pan and Ms. Li, the employees of SendKing also voluntarily denote 1% of their monthly income to the Foundation. Since its establishment, the company has always taken a leading role in such philanthropic undertakings as earthquake relief, flood relief, post-disaster recovery, poverty alleviation, and student aid. Up to now, SendKing has donated over 46 million yuan to society and aided more than 2,900 poverty-stricken students.

    Li Dan - Chairman and Director General of Hunan Great Love Philanthropic Foundation

    Each step in SendKing’s growth stems from the social support. I believe that philanthropy and humanity are stronger social drivers than armies and nuclear bombs. I hope, with the platform of Hunan Great Love Philanthropic Foundation, more kind and generous people can come together to help more people in need.

    Poverty Alleviation

    SendKing assists the poverty-stricken families or areas in improving productivity and alleviating poverty, provides funds or supplies for the sick to see a doctor and those in difficulty to improve their living conditions, and tries its best to help the poverty-stricken families enhance their personal abilities to live with dignity.

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